One Liner #23

 “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”

– Babs Hoffman

Happy World Tourism Day.

Things that Varieties Of Wisdom say.


We face some real-life situations, some fact-based realities, at every moment of our lives. what is the meaning of facts And what are the good things you can do with that facts?. Wisdom is a tool of your mind that answers your first question while glancing at the situation from a variety of helpful perspectives. wisdom answers your second question by putting wise values into your decision-making process. Building basic blocks of values In wise people, in order to create an array of “Wise Attitudes”, is the job of wisdom or personal wisdom. Because of the mixture of characteristics varies from person to person, we experience that each and every wise person has a distinct essence or flavor of personality.

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Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing

The primary Concern for any developing country is the career of the youth of that particular country or employment generation for youth generation for that country. Choosing a career path is one of the major decisions that must be taken by the resident of any country. A pandemic situation like Covid-19 has given rise to many new approaches to think over career opportunities. 

According to statistical data, almost 10 crore Indian people have lost their jobs in this pandemic situation. Out of which nearly 60k folks are youngsters. 

Due to this scenario, many corporate companies have changed their method of working from on-field marketing to digital marketing. Digital marketing is considered and adopted by big corporate trailblazers, as it is adopted & becoming trustable because it is becoming a convenient and safe way of working. 

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Types of Blog

Bloggers are just passionate writers who tend to write occasionally or on an everyday basis. Personally speaking, blogging is a passion for enthusiast people like me, and it gets evolved after regular practice. Here are some various types of blogs if you are a writer then you’ll definitely found yourself or your writing style or blog-style fit in one of the types of blogging given below.

  1. Curation.
  2. Teaching.
  3. Lifestyle.
  4. Niche.
  5. Journey.
  6. Guest.

We’ll see each blog type mentioned in the list above in depth.

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Why Stressing yourself? When There’re Ways For Stress-Free Living.

1) Accept that Problem First

You have to make peace with that particular problem, while that problem exists, to discover a good solution to that particular problem. for example, you need to acknowledge yourself where you are, regardless – you can’t tackle any issue without first tolerating it, and yourself. We waste huge time in acknowledging what has happened and then we decline it rather than accepting it. which in turn gives you more and more problems rather than solutions to that problem. we can assume here that accepting a part of yourself that is creating a problem will be enough to make your problem vanished from your life, this process is just like rejecting or pushing away the problem.

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Want To Polish Your Thoughts?, A positive self-talk might help.

Doing positive self-talk is not that hard thing to do, as many people think it is. Positive self-talk is just a simple life principle that can be applied by anybody who wants to discover themselves. There’s a saying in cognitive behavioral therapy, “Know Thyself”. Doing positive self-talk with yourself is also a kind of mental therapy that requires a few moments throughout your day and then, you can achieve remarkably good outcomes.

you are not necessarily required to chant any mantra to do simple positive self-talk, it doesn’t expect you to be lively or filled with enthusiasm throughout your entire day. According to psychologists, it is not essential what your mood is, all you need to do is to give your few moments to talk to yourself, by yourself, and for yourself.

Positive self-talk in its accurate and straightforward in its meaning is the demonstration of certifying positive thoughts and feelings from one’s psyche which brings about internal harmony which we call inner peace. According to a few groups of folks who even guaranteed that this internal harmony shows in reality by means of getting rich or having or establishing solid human relations.

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One Liner #21

Diplomacy is listening to what the other guy needs. Preserving your own position, but listening to the other guy. You have to develop relationships with other people so when the tough times come, you can work together.

Colin Powell

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Importance of Goal Setting In Personal and Professional Life.

Every business talks about the goals of the organization. There is no such example of a business that is running without any kind of organizational goal. Companies or businesses can’t run without having goals on their agendas, or even if they do, then that particular organization will fail to achieve sustainable growth. It is a widely accepted fact that businesses are nothing without having proper goals. The goals play a vital role in giving a direction to a particular business, goals answer the questions about business about where to go and what to realize. Organizations set SMART kind of Goals, which are – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. Apart from organizational goals, there’s another concept of personal goals. Have you ever given yourself a bunch of thoughts about your personal goals, about where you want to build your career, and where you wish to work in the future?. Have you ever followed the goals of the organization and tried out to understand them or settled up some of your own standards for yourself that helped you in your personal growth. What about having goals that personally satisfy us? Let’s discuss this.

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परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्‌ । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥ ४-८ ॥

सज्जनांच्या उद्धारासाठी, पापकर्म करणाऱ्यांचा नाश करण्यासाठी आणि धर्माची उत्तम प्रकारे स्थापना करण्यासाठी मी युगायुगात प्रगट होतो. ॥ ४-८ ॥

~ श्लोक 8 – अध्याय 4 – ज्ञानसंन्यासयोग

योगिनामपि सर्वेषां मद्‍गतेनान्तरात्मना । श्रद्धावान्भजते यो मां स मे युक्ततमो मतः ॥ ६-४७ ॥

सर्व योग्यांच्यामध्ये सुद्धा जो श्रद्धावान योगी माझ्या ठिकाणी लावलेल्या अंतरात्म्याने मला निरंतर भजतो, तो योगी मला परमश्रेष्ठ म्हणून मान्य आहे. ॥ ६-४७ ॥

~ श्लोक 47 – अध्याय 6 – आत्मसंयमयोग

जन्माष्टमीच्या शुभेच्छा.


One Liner #20

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

― Albert Einstein

कॉकटेल जिंदगी – 3 |Cocktail Zindagi -3

“येस आय नो मम्मी, माझ्या लक्षात आहे उद्या किर्ती आंटीच्या मुलाचं लग्न आहे ते, तू सारखी सारखी आठवण करुन द्यायला फोन करु नकोस, दिवसभरात ढीगभर कामं करुन मी आत्ता थोडासा रिलॅक्स झालोय, घरी आल्यावर बोलू, बाय.” आधीच वैतागलेल्या कौशिकने कॉल कट केला.

Cocktail Zindagi
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” ध्रुवीका ?, सत्यप्रतापला फोन कर जरा, मला त्याच्या बरोबर अर्जंटली हेड-ऑफिसला जाऊन यायचं आहे महत्वाचं काम आहे, कॅफेटेरियातल्या नेहमीच्या बसायच्या टेबलकडे समीक्षाला येताना बघून कौशिक म्हणाला”, ” ध्रुवीका? श्रीमयी कुठे आहे ? माझा लंचबॉक्स तिच्याकडे आहे, असेल तिथून बोलवुन घे तिला, कशाचं काही पडलं नासल्यासारखं करत समीक्षा म्हणाली. “अबे सकाळपासून बॉसनं दिलेली खंडीभर कामं आहेत यार प्रत्येकाला कुठं अटेंड करत बसू, मला माहित नाही समीक्षा श्रीमयी कुठे आहे ते, ए अमन उसे कॉल कर यार मुझे भी वो यहा मदत के लिये लागनेवाली है, फ्रस्टेट होऊन ध्रुवीका म्हणाली, आज सकाळपासून ध्रुवीका समीक्षाशी जास्त बोलली नव्हती, पण समीक्षाचं या गोष्टीकडे लक्ष गेलं नाही तिचं मन सध्या हिमांशूच्या कॉलने व्यापलं होतं, एरवी कॅफेटेरियात समीक्षाचा वेळ ध्रुवीका अन श्रीमयीसोबत गॉसिप करण्यात जात होता, आज तसं काही होताना दिसत नव्हतं. श्रीमयीला बहुतेक काल आलेल्या कॉल बद्दल काहीतरी कुणकुण लागलेली दिसतेय या विचारातून समीक्षा गप्प बसली असावी बहुदा.

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One liner #19

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The Good Enough Principle

There’s a principle theory in cognitive behavioral therapy named as “The Good Enough Principle” which explains something like ~

“Life is all about Making Peace with who you are & who you are not.”

– Rushessensedude

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Knowledge Is Not Power

Whoever first said that knowledge is power was probably selling encyclopedias. Knowledge may be a tool, like money and influence. Tools are only powerful if they’re used effectively. How, then, does one make a headful of data into a strong tool?

By seeing clearly what can be done.
By seeing clearly your own limitations.
By acting on what you know.

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What is happiness?

Are you happy? Many folks aren’t sure that. Happiness may also not be defined so easily. Most of us are not living happily. That is the curse of the trendy age. Try and make yourself as happy as possible amongst all the stresses and tensions.

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One Liner #18

Always bear in bind that your own resolution to being succeed is more important than any other.

Abraham Lincoln

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Independence Day

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

कॉकटेल जिंदगी – 2 | Cocktail zindagi – 2

दुसरा दिवस उजाडला, ऑफिसमध्ये वर्दळ होती, प्रत्येक जण आपापल्या कामात व्यग्र होता, कौशिक, अमनपाल आणि ध्रुवीका कामानिमित्त आउट ऑफ ऑफिस गेले होते. ऐक ना एक काम कर समीक्षा आणि टिनाला माझ्या केबीनमध्ये पाठवून दे, अवनीने भावेश नावाच्या ऑफिस पियूनला ऑर्डर दिली, झालेली वादावादी सत्यप्रतापच्या आणि पर्यायाने अवनीच्या कानावर पडली होती. ” येस मॅडम? यु कॉल्ड ? समीक्षा अवनीच्या केबीनमध्ये शिरत म्हणाली. येस समीक्षा प्लिज हॅव ए सीट, मोबाइलवर कोणत्यातरी कॉलवर बोलता बोलता अवनीने समीक्षाला बसायला सांगितलं, पाठोपाठ टिनासुद्धा केबिनमध्ये आली, अवनीने तिलाही हाताने खूण करुन बसायला सांगितलं, ‘ओके सर माय टीम विल ट्राय देअर बेस्ट, एवढं म्हणून अवनीने कॉल कट केला. गर्ल्स, व्हॉट्स द मॅटर?, कानावर पडलंय माझ्या तुमचं काय चाललंय ते, सत्यप्रतापला मी कामानिमित्त बाहेर पाठवलं आहे…… त्यांच्यात संभाषण चालू असताना केबिनचा दरवाजा बंद झाला दाराआडची चर्चा तात्पुरती तरी बंद दाराआडच राहिली. नाही रे मला माहित नाही, मी माझी माझी प्रोजेक्टची कामं करण्यात बिझी होतो आणि खरंतर मलाही जाणून घ्यायचं होतं, सँडविचचा बाईट चावता चावता कौशिक सत्यप्रतापकडे बघून म्हणाला, कमॉन कौशिक समीक्षा तुला काहीच बोलली नाही का ? अवनी तिला आणि टिनाला काय बोलली ते?, सत्यप्रतापने न रहावून विचारलं. आमच्यात निदान सध्यातरी या विषयावर संभाषण झालेलं नाही. दुपारची वेळ होती लंच टाईम व्हायच्या आधीच सत्यप्रताप, कौशिक, श्रीमयी आणि अमनपाल कॅफेटेरियात बसले होते, प्रोजेक्टचं काम आज जोरात चाललं होतं. टीममध्ये कौशिक फिक्स होता, आता फक्त दुसरा मेंबर ऍड व्हायचा अवकाश होता, तसं बघायला गेलं तर या संदर्भातला निर्णय कौशिकने घ्यायला पाहिजे होता परंतु ऑलमोस्ट प्रत्येक गोष्टीत फर्मली निर्णय घेणारा कौशिक आज स्वतःच द्विधा मनस्थितीत होता, त्याला समजत नव्हतं कोणाला प्रोजेक्ट पार्टनर करुन घेता येईल. एका विशिष्ठ प्रकारच्या मानसिक गुंत्यात हे लव्ह ट्रँगल अडकलं होतं, याआधीही या टोळक्याने, सॉरी या ट्रँगलने अशा प्रकारची परिस्थिती यथायोग्यरित्या हाताळली होती, पण का कोण जाणे यावेळी परिस्थिती जरा वेगळी आणि बिकट वाटत होती आणि या वेळेस निमित्त मात्र फक्त प्रोजेक्टचं झालं होतं. ग्रुपमध्ये ट्रँगल सोडून प्रत्येकाला ग्रुपमधल्या वातावरण बदलाचा अनुभव अधल्या दिवशीच आला होता त्यामुळे इतर कोणताही मेंबर या संदर्भात जास्त काही बोलताना दिसत नव्हता.

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The Importance Of Letting Go

There once was a happy monkey. He wandered through the jungle, he was happy to be alive. He stopped consuming delicious fruits whilst he was hungry and resting when he was tired.

One day he came across a house, wherein he noticed a bowl of the most lovely apples. He took one in each hand and ran again to the wooded area. He sniffed the apples and smelled nothing. He attempted to consume them, however harm his teeth. They have been crafted from wood. They seemed stunning, however, and whilst the other monkeys noticed them, he held onto them even tighter.

He held his new wooden apples proudly as he wandered the jungle. They glistened pink inside the sun and appeared best to him. He paid such a whole lot of attention to them, that he didn’t even be aware his developing hunger.

He squeezed the apples in his palms, and could not endure to abandoning of them with the intention to achieve for the vital fruit. In fact, he could not relax, either, if he changed into to shield his apples. A proud, but hungry and less satisfied monkeys persevered to persuade alongside the forest trails.

The wooden apples have become heavier, and as a consequence the poor little monkey started out to accept as true with leaving them behind. He become tired, hungry, and he could not climb trees or gather fruit collectively together along with his palms full. What if he simply allow pass?
Letting go seemed crazy, however what else should he do? He was so tired. Seeing next angiospermous tree, and smelling its fruit was enough. He dropped the wooden apples, reached up for his meal, and was happy again.

Letting Go Of Wooden Apples

Like that little monkey, we from time to time deliver things that appear too precious to let go of. A man contains an image of himself as “productive” – carries it like a glittery wood apple. But in reality, his busyness leaves him tired, and hungry for a better life. Still, letting go appears crazy. Even his concerns are sacred apples – they prove he’s “doing the whole lot he can.” He holds onto them compulsively.

This is a difficult factor to see. We become aware of so strongly with our things even, feeling ache whilst our vehicles are dented. How much extra powerfully can we identify with our ideals and self-ideas? Yet they do not continually feed our souls, do they? And we end up bored with protecting them. How else may want to the story end? The monkey might be found dead because of hunger, under a beautiful tree, with fruit inside reach, however nevertheless grasping his wood apples. I selected to stop it with him letting go, because only with open hands we have ability to receive.

Be a Storyteller Not Just a Speaker

Life themes can be developed by writing or telling stories. The themes chosen to illustrate the possibility of stories are:

Relationships, Choice, Creativity, Making a Difference, Celebration.


Storytellers are everyday humans, from instructors to grandparents, from mountain climbers to most major dieses survivors. The platform offers writers or storytellers a privilege and superb obligation to share their tales in a manner that facilitates the audience to “wake up.” Good stories make humans say, “Wait a minute. I can assume or act in a different way about the whole thing than I did before.” Stories are everywhere. Speakers discover ways to retrieve them and retell them to audiences as a manner to expose their humanness to expose they care; to open people to possibility thinking and the way making mistakes will result in the braveness to sooner or later assist them succeed. Because maximum folks delineate our thoughts visually, extremely good tales assist to decorate or even transform our lives.

Be unique. Think humorous thoughts. Live and re-stay your story whilst you are telling a story. Words are crucial so make certain to pause while necessary and BE IN THE NOW. Your words need to create an picture withinside the audience’s thoughts so that you can recall your tale. They can be a step far away from their very own story. This will give a boost to the relationship among you and them.

It’s a good idea to use props to enhance your humor. Remember most people have an attention span of six to eight minutes.

® Rushikesh Panchwadkar


Real irony is people who post text philosophies like, “do not believe what people say, watch what they do ” on social media are the first one who fail to attempt what they say and what they do.


A dive into assertiveness

Self-assuredness or Assertiveness is fundamental expertise; which is helpful for both inside and outside work.

Be that as it may, the responses and Behaviour patterns we utilize now are the consequences of long periods of tweaking. Being decisive or being an assertive person doesn’t occur without any forethought or it doesn’t happen overnight, however, the more practice you get of being assertive, the more gifted and blissful you become. you’ll / you may not generally get what you might want, you’ll generally realize you put forth a valiant effort. So here are some noteworthy ten hints for working on your confident conduct or Assertive behavior pattern:

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1.Trust in yourself more – consistently think emphatically and feed yourself with positive internal discourse. Remain before a mirror, look at yourself without flinching, and reveal to yourself how brilliant you are!

2. Perceive and accept that you can never change others. You can just change what you do; an adjustment of your conduct will manage the cost of others the opportunity to act contrastingly towards you.

3. Figure out how to react, not respond. Begin picking the best approach to act, upheld conceding and tolerating the outcomes. Acknowledge that you essentially – and just you – have settled on that decision: no one has constrained you into it.

4. Quit pounding yourself for your choices and practices. All things being equal, transform each circumstance into a positive learning opportunity for future conduct change.

5. Watch your non-verbal communication. Ensure it coordinates with your words: individuals will in general accept what they see rather than what they hear.

6. Utilize the green cross code: Stop Look Listen – then, at that point accept how you might want to answer. This will guarantee you stay in charge of yourself and the circumstance, and bear the cost of others the chance to do as such too.

7. Focus on circumstance goal, not self-protection. Focus on the circumstance as opposed to your own sentiments, and perceive that the other individual is most presumably irate about the circumstance – not with you.>

8. Consider and pick your words. Lose the words that sign “I’m a weakling” like “I’m horrendously heartbroken”, or “I’m apprehensive”, or “Might you actually… ?” or “Can I just … ?”. Substitute enormous “I” proclamations followed by verifiable depictions rather than decisions or embellishments. This will urge the contrary individual to attempt to do the same.

9. Say “no” when you need to. Remember to manage the cost of yourself the entirety of the rights you grant every other person to have. What’s more, on the off chance that it helps, recollect that you just aren’t rejecting them personally, you’re denying their requests.

10. Take a “can do” approach. Accept that things don’t simply happen to you – however, that you basically can get them going.

® Rushikesh Panchwadkar


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One Liner #17

जिंदगीने अपना असर कुछ इस कदर दिखाया यु। इश्क दूर चला गया और मंजिले पास आ गयी।



Do You Have A Life Plan? 📝

We all make plans in our daily lives. plans for dinner, plans for trips to the grocery store, and for cleaning our house, plans for vacations etc. We also outline long-term plans related to our career purpose, about managing our finances, our businesses, and our vacations. However, apart from all the planning that we do very few of us actually make a life plan and this is considered as a life plan which would encompass all those areas as well as our self-development, personal relationships, and happiness.

Almost everybody contains the natural capacity for happiness and success in every area of their lives including their personal development, their relationships, and professional life, but happiness and success does not just happen. We must actively draw them out and set them in active plans and actions by which we will make them not only possible but feasible.

For that purpose you need a life plan, but actually creating or drawing a life plan is a time consuming process and it needs focused thoughts — which is something so many of us have little to spare. However,  do not envy the time you may spend on a life plan  due to the fact  in the end, that time is a  very good  investment that will help you  save time and stress as soon as  you have your life plan  absolutely developed and isn’t always  anything that allows you to  obtain happiness and success a  profitable investment of your time and energy?

Where You Are Now

Before you can commence crafting your life plan you must observe or re-observe your current life status. Reflect yourself at the actual realities of your life which may include your commitments towards your life, your finances, and your dreams. You can also draw an epitome of which thing about your life makes you satisfied and what makes you unhappy?

Start working on questions like, Where are you currently in terms of work, recreation, relationships, finances, and anything else you consider important.

Rate every of those areas with a letter grade with “A” which will of course being the highest score for the high-quality for your possible life. Then start calculating your standard life grade. if you have got an overall rating or grading of 4.0 then you should assume that your life is on perfect track, but anything less than that grading which will be considered as there are certain areas remaining under maintainance where you will need to work on and put some extra efforts to increase your grading or overall life score.

It is essential to you to identify the certain aspects of your life that you may consider as successful or they are at least on track to success as well as the areas that you would like to improve.

Let Your Dreams Come Out

The most important part of designing or drafting your life plan is allowing yourself to dream about what your ideal life would possibly include in all the key areas you identified above (career, relationships, etc.).

Don’t worry about realities or impossibilities whilst dreaming about your ideal life plan. Just leave your heart and thoughts in a free state to picture out the whole thing you desire your ideal life might be in terms of relationships and family; profession and career; finances or even retirement; and the way you would like to spend your time whilst living your life fully (travel, hobbies, etc.).

If there are considerations other than money, and if money is not a factor then ask your self questions like, what you’ve decided to do with your time and your life? What is a thing that gets you really excited? What is the thing have you always wanted or wished you could possible have in your life? What do you love to do (professionally or personally).

Step Back Into Reality

Jot down the skills, experiences and strengths you already possessed which might be helpful to you in living your ideal life.

Jot down a list of your accomplishments you are most proud of in your professional and personal life. Can any of these help you achieve your ideal life?

Evaluate or level up your working style and habits and ask yourself these questions. Do you work better alone, in a group, or as a manager? What time of day is your peak performance? How many hours a day or week are you capable of working at a high level of performance?

Now Make Your Plan

Once you’ve got got created a vision or a blueprint or a mental map of your dream lifestyle and evaluated your strengths and weaknesses then you definitely are better capable of creating an ideal life plan that will help you achieve your ideal life.

Now that you know where you want your life to go and you know how far along that path you have progressed then it is simply a matter of working toward your goal to achieve that life of happiness and success you desire.

® Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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