People Driven Story .

It was a long working week, now at the weekend me and my friend was chatting over the last week’s hectic heavy work, he looked despondent, as i noticed.

yesterday, a tussle took place between him and seniors when he answered the questions of the seniors in the opposite way, on his late working shift issue..

so i asked him finally to break his silence over the misdeeds at the workplace, ” hey buddy are you suffering from some kind of anxiety ? share your burden, it’ll free up some space from your mind so that you can think much freely and broader”.

I was talking to him when we were on the way to our home after the same office shift. He sat next to the driver seat in the car. As i completed my sentence the tear rolled down from his right eye. so i turned my wheels towards a nearby bar. “What’s up young boy ?”, i asked him. Few moments passed silently. Even after the two drinks of whiskey he was silent. Another few moments passed silently, i was thinking that i have to give him some moments to reorganize his thoughts after all that was the main reason why we were at the bar.

ENOUGH!. I WANT SEPARATION !. He shouted out loud he was standing up from his chair by slapping his right hand hard on the table. “The working burden was never my weakness Johnson, you see that was never my problem to handle, it is not my problem now and it’ll never be my problem & you know it very much well, it’s…. obvious buddy you work everyday on the employee performances”.

it is about my relationship with Catherine, what?. what about her?, i asked in a worried tone of voice. it\’s been 3 years since we are in a long distance relationship Johnson, first one and a half year we both felt the inventiveness of my relationship. But over the time i started to get the feeling that the essence of my relationship is either faded away, all the novelty is fading away. ” I am getting a strong feeling that my relationship is becoming PEOPLE DRIVEN”.

and honestly i feel helpless about this. He told it all in a single breath. “Look! Edward, As i opened my mouth to give him some consolation advice, but then I shut it closed again because i thought I didn\’t know the whole thing yet. Tears came back in his eyes, I held a drink in front of him and calmly put him down.’ Honestly buddy i am not getting a context here, what do you mean by the word people Driven ?, i asked him i decided to play listeners role in this. he then drunk his peg of the whiskey, he drunk the whole peg in a single breath. we haven\’t talked since 6 months, it is because of her aunt is sowing mistruths about me into her mind. This has created a rift in our relationship, Finally i talked to her aunt, altercation between me and her aunt has took place because she thought that i must back off every time from the clash, she wants me to believe that every talk i used to held with Catherine is a folly and now she wants me to talk Catherine through the way of the hosts or proxies appointed by her. so i told her, For the sake of your idols, don\’t make anybody’s relationship people driven, it leads to mental – emotional energy drain out of that person. I told her aunt that you cannot decide on the choice of the outsiders to make our relationship good or bad, yet she believed that she was right. So I disconnected the call, since then there is no contact between me and Catherine. she never picked up my call, either never responded or responded rudely to my messages, after the clash she never tried to contact me like she used to do.

I even tried to convince her aunt over and over, but you know what?, sometimes a long speech or explanation doesn\’t matter. Trust me, I am talking this because i was victim of this kind of thing, whenever I tried to talk in my acquaintance it leaded to the proxy game, and the conclusion of the conversation was always the same Catherine never talked to me directly since the clash between me and her aunt. I got the strong feeling that she lost all her possessiveness and the sympathy towards our relationship which ended up in breaking our relationship. The hosts played their role well by giving me unnecessary advises & by dragging my moral down, so I finally gave up. So I finally came to the conclusion that \” Playing a proxy game is easy, until it becomes blame game\”!. And oh, by the way she got married one month ago. And then I thought i have done everything to get her back into our old flow of the relationship but I failed, I failed hard, but now I think I am done enough with this, and i am okay with this.

but the reason behind the tussle with seniors was just a panic attack nothing else, i think i have moved on.

He was talking with extreme intense of the subject.

Feels good to hear that buddy, as your friend i also think you must move on, i said in a sympathetic tone.

I was about thinking reasons behind the failure of Edward\’s Long Distance Relationship on the way while i was driving way back to home. i found that the lack of trust is one of the major cause of this relationship failure as well as they have had never met in person, lack of communication, so in all the way trust is the main reason. no no i am not going deeper for the reasons you can google it. i was thinking if she got married then from whom Edward wanted separation ? , the answer is simple he wanted separation from his thoughts which is what hampering his progress. while he was talking i was finding if there is any link by which Edward\’s relationship may got saved through my help. Anyways somebody has said it correctly that ” Trust is a Dangerous Game” and somebody has also said that ” If it is pure it will find a way”.

There are many people who may or may not relate this story to their story.

I have only one advice for you, As long as you are single you are master of your own sea, once you stamped as committed limitations arose to your freedom, in order to avoid that you’ve to take control of your own life, which in turn may give you better results of your personal future life, this is my moral of the story. what’s yours ?

-©️ Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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