300 – A Battle of Hotgates – Movie Review

I’ve seen many good war based movies, some of them are very much obsessive, Films that make the audience feel awe and from that some movies the 300 series is one of them. 300 released in 2006 . With the IMDB rating of 7.6 and the sequel of the movie 300 – Rise of the empire with 6.3, let\’s talk about part 1.
A battle fought by the brave 300 soldiers of Sparta in oppose of Persian Army king xerxes is the main theme of 300. Basically the movie is based on the true event called “The Battle of Thermopylae” or ” The Battle Of Hot Gates ” under the command of brave king of Sparta Leonidas. a king, a man of courage and heart with very few number of 300 soldiers stood rock solid in front of the Million number of Persian army in this battle .
The story starts with the journey of a protagonist character king Leonidas, from his childhood to the Spartan king of Spartan code. The character of Leonidas is played by Gerald Butler. Later an escort of a Persian king Xerxes arrives at Sparta asking for the water and land after the Spartan throws him into the deep well, that’s where the war begins. Leonidas approaches to Greek sages of the Greece who orders the king to avoid the war with Persians and not to gather Spartan’s army, but Leonidas He refuses to avoid war, He thinks that Spartans can win war by blocking Persian troops in the lower part of the Hot Gates. He chooses 300 best brave and brave warriors for this war, which is supported by The Arcadians soldiers.
Later Leonidas meets a malformed Spartan named as Ephialtes, the malformed Spartan requests Leonidas for letting him join the Spartan troops, but Leonidas Denies because Ephialtes fails to raise the Spartan shield above his shoulder. After the Leonidas\’ rejection the malformed Spartan warns the king about how the Persians can use secret path to surround the Spartan Troops, in later part he betrays Spartans by showing the secret path to xerxes in exchange of wealth and that’s where Arcadian troops retreats from war land. But Leonidas refuses to lower the weapons. By taking an advantage of the hot gates and the superior Spartan Worrier skills and war tactics Spartan troops invades numbers of flock marches of the Persian army. Later, a day comes when Xerxes offers Leonidas wealth by personally approaching him asking to kneel in return, which Leonidas denies. On the later day the Persian king sends fresh flock of new army including the wasted war elephants in which Spartan troops gets injured, so Leonidas decides to sends one soldier back to Sparta to tell what happened on the war land.
On learning what happened on war land wife of the Spartan king tries to convince the council of Sparta about sending more flocks of soldiers to help and heal the wounded on the war land, after a political plot she succeeds to do so.
On the next day Persian army attacks Spartan troops through the secret path showed by Ephialtes, Xerxes again asks Leonidas to kneel in front of him and gets his face cut and wounded by the spear thrown by Leonidas towards him in anger. The Spartan king and his troop fights till their last breath until they got shot by the flock arrows of the Persian army. Leonidas dies at the end, that’s the storyline of 300. A fully action packed movie which drives us in the history of Greece and forces to remind the sacrifices of the Brave Spartans at the ” Battle of Thermopylae”.

© Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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