5 Lessons Of Dreaming


We Live in the era of 21st century where the competition of becoming successful financially, Socially, academically has become a \’Rat Race\’ rather than just a competition. Where richer people of the society becoming more richer, the poor level society ( Who are Economically Below Poverty line) is getting poorer & the competition we are talking about is affecting the Middle-class society people like inflation, unemployment and other society problems and so on. When a middle class person like me looks at the example of a financially rich person, his luxurious living style, his industrial success, the idea of becoming successful obsesses the mind of a middle class, career developing person, in economics the measurement of Human development is measured by the human development index, numerically India ranks 129th out of 160 countries in human development which is measured by Per capita income, Life Expectancy, Educational success. So be it, that is another topic to chew. 
The successful persons we see these days had once struggled like you and me, the recipe behind their success is what made them successful, in my personal view & in my opinion they persued their dreams constantly during their struggling duration. So here we are going to see some examples why dreams are important to carry, what we can learn from them, or what I\’ve learned from them with some examples of trailblazers of different sectors of human life.

Here are some Principles one should follow who is chasing his/ her dreams:

1. Know Your Goals to know your dreams: 
One of the major steps of achieving your dreams is that you must be aware of what actually your goals or dreams are, what is your target?, that you are willingly want to achieve. Let\’s see an example of  shri. Dhirubhai Ambani, a trailblazer who had set an example as one of the top Business Tycoons, in India\’s 80\’s Era. He Initially started as fruits & snacks seller due to his low economic conditions, but it didn\’t helped much. Later he started job at petrol pump, where he got himself promoted as a manager post. in the mean time he was always seeking the business opportunities, Later he started Reliance Industries & the rest result is in front of us. I would like to point out here that Mr Ambani knew what he had to do to achieve his dreams. so we can say that setting goals to achieve your dreams is as much important as having dreams. 

2. Maintaining Consistency: 
Beside setting your goals, Maintaining consistency plays vital role while chasing your dreams, Oscar Wilde had said once that \” Consistency is Hallmark of the Unimaginative\”. Cricket master Sachin Tendulkar is one of perfect example of  a successful trailblazer with great consistency. we already know why we call him God Of Cricket, he practiced until he mastered perfection over every technical batting shots in cricket. consistency is nothing but sticking to the plan. consistency makes an individual bound to stick with certain set of principles, habits, commitments in order to pursue dreams. But staying consistent isn\’t as simple as it may seem, if your goals are long- term goals then patience is important to maintain your consistency. 

3. Believe In Yourself : 
As a working Individual sometime we face Ups & Downs in our beliefs which are nutritious to trigger the motivations for achieving dreams. sometime while at working in our direction of goals we may get rejected or feel humiliated which may result in lack of motivation of working, but that\’s where one must believe in thyself. 
we all know that Shri. Ratan Tata is one of great examples of a successful business person during his initial days of struggling, his views and attitude towards his ambitions didn\’t gone well on the other hand some of the companies leaded by him had faced bankruptcy, but he believed in himself during his low times he worked even more harder and the rest of the result is in front of Indians, Shri. Tata succeeded because he believed in himself. so i must suggest here that if you are working on your goals to achieve your dreams you\’ve to believe in yourself.

4. Prioritize :   

While Maintaining the Balance Between the work and Goals one must need to prioritize the goals, through planning prioritizing your goals can be possible. Successful actors like Superstar Rajanikant had worked as carpenter but his passion was acting so he had prioritized his passion to achieve his dream of becoming superstar of south film industry. Through prioritization any working individual who possesses a good dream can work at more potentially to achieve the goal. to give your total attention to your dream you need to prioritize the things in your personal as well as professional life, prioritization of goals of your dreams works as motivational tool for your working and goal achieving. 

5. Start Working, Start Acting Towards Your Dream: 

 you may found N numbers of individuals who are dreaming about something which best match their interest, but it is not enough to put your dream oriented ideas on paper only, you must have to act, you must have to start working toward the dreams you carry in your mind. My Personal Experience says that Actually working towards your dreams always boosts the productive intense and leads you to good and satisfying results. after all somebody said it correctly that \” Dreamer have only one owner at a time. That\’s why dreamers are lonely.\” so Don\’t just talk about your dream ideas but start taking an action towards it.  

So Are you a Dreamer?, are you working on it?


Image Source : Pixabay

– Rushikesh Panchwadkar 

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