How to Win Friends & Influence People | Book Review

There are a variety of self-help type books available in the best seller market these days, one of which is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Dale Carnegie was an American writer and professor in the 19th century. Ever since the first copy of this book was published in 1937, the book has been considered an international bestseller.

Like the title, this book is based on the theme of how to make friends, how to connect people. The book analyzes the experiences of being with different people, some personal experiences of the author while meeting new people individuals and getting to know their personalities, so the new reader may found this book bit boring at the beginning. Although the stories in this book seemed a bit boring at first, but everything in this book is based on one specific conclusion, so i got myself little involved in this book after reading first or second chapter of the book.

The conclusion of the first chapter is that it is better to try to understand people than to condemn them, how it is beneficial to give empathy and tolerance to people instead of criticism, which is revealed by the author through experience narration. The second chapter concludes with the conclusion that praising the good qualities of the people with open arms without holding any hand so that people will continue to respect your opinions.

From the next chapter, Mr. Carnegie suggests to readers that there should be a need and curiosity in the person in front of you. In fact, I was little bored here because I thought the principles or conclusions in the book are pretty much primary (to be frank), but I decided to read the whole book because I didn’t wanted to leave it halfway. It is divided into four different sections, each section has number of chapters, the first part ends after the third chapter.

The second part has six chapters, which teaches how to get genuinely interested in other things of people

(which actually is a very important part, which convinced me to read the book a little more intensely from this chapter), as well as ‘Why Being a Good Listener is Important’, How to Encourage Other People to Talk about them themselves, How to talk in terms of other people’s interests, and some similar principles, so if you are a passionate reader, you will not be left reading this book halfway.

Similarly, why an individual needs to avoid an argument with a person or if you have had an argument with someone in the past, as well as this section focuses on how to respect other person’s opinion? (Without mentioning him/her that you’re / were wrong), if you are wrong, why you need to admit it?

This third part is based on the principles and I think this part of the book teaches the readers a little bit about people networking.

In the fourth and final section of the book, Mr. Carnegie appeals to readers to be leaders. I think this book is as useful in personal life as it is in professional life. This book works fantastically for the persons who works in marketing field. This book is also helpful to the persons who are often surrounded by people of different mindsets.

According to the author, the book teaches you to make new friends, to introduce new people, to teach others to respect your thinking, to help improve readers’ communication skills, and to help new clients and customers to reach new ones, Although I do not agree with some of the author’s principles. However, some principles and chapters are worth emulating. Therefore, I would suggest to the new readers that if you want to learn something from this book, this book is very useful for you and the reader should review the chapters in this book, any person who is wishing a good change in his personality should read this book at least twice.

The core idea of this book is to change the personality of other people while improving your own. At the beginning of the book, Mr. Carnegie has given 9 important tips which focuses on how to be good at people networking as possible from this book, this book is beneficial to the new readers in some aspects of their life.

© Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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