Whether you are working or doing business, working deadlines are very important in professional life.

people procrastinating not just only in their professional life but in personal life also.

So, now you might be questioning;

What is Procrastination ? .

Procrastination is nothing scientific but an emotion of a single individual person, a tendency to procrastinate at working or anything that needs to be done within the given period of time. In other words we can say that procrastination is a tendency of laziness about work or just being bad at completing the task or work given in the given deadline. Intentionally procrastinating at work might lead you into the mess like Demotion at workplace or if we think of the worse; it may even lead you to lose your job as well. A lengthy task, lack of willing to complete the given task, lack of motivation at workplace, lack of knowledge or conceptual understanding about that particular work or task, finding the given task not producing the expected results as well as lack of self- confidence, fear of not perfectionism, are some the major reasons of why people procrastinate at work or in personal life.

Not only the working individuals who work at corporate life but academic students, or more of we can say anybody, any human who works, Procrastinates the work at least once in life. Sometimes if activities a person likes available as distraction then there is a strong possibility that it will lead to procrastination, mainly if an academic student founds himself discomforting at a study of particular subject then he starts procrastinating his studies. Therefore it is more necessary as well as important to overcome the procrastination habit by replacing it with good habits which will lead you to better productivity and will give you better working results at work. Sometimes procrastination affects that particular person badly and even may lead him or her into depression of thoughts, more pressure of work, Anxiety and so on.

So if you want to stop procrastination & if you want to improvise your performance at workplace, then just follow these 7 simple working daily habits which will help you to overcome your procrastination habit.

1. Do Some Self – Introspection : Finding yourself procrastinating & admitting it humbly is a best possible way to beat the procrastination. Self introspection is a powerful tool with which you can find out where the actual problem lies, why you are procrastinating?, what are the reasons?, and win a half battle at start while overcoming procrastination. Even when you come to the conclusion of self- introspection, set your focus on the tasks that are not much important to do or the tasks which doesn\’t need immidiate action which will boost your inner intence to work a little.

2. Break It Down : Breaking down your lengthy piece of work into small pieces of work will be more useful for a working individual to prioritize the main work into the categories like

High Priority Tasks : Tasks that Need Immediate attention as well as immediate Actions to work on it.

Mid Priority Tasks : These are the tasks which may need immediate attention but doesn’t need immediate action.

Low Priority Tasks : This categories of tasks include tasks that doesn’t necessarily need immediate attention as well as immediate action.
Or simply use a diary or a to-do application to divide your work into preferences as you see them important, there are n number of applications available in the Google play store if you are android user, otherwise using diary is a perfect alternative to prioritize your work.

3. Commitment: Committing yourself to your present task or a present work will make you more task oriented.

Efficient employee at your workplace or if you are a student, developing deep interest in your particular task will yield better results and will much more useful for boosting your working productivity. Commitment is what will prevent your mind from triggering depression resulted from procrastination, as well as it will give you some fresh ideas about the improvisation of that particular task.

4. Say No To Distractions : Having Tempting distractions like social media, operating your

smartphone, or something which might keep you distracted while you are at work is one of the major is one of the major reasons of procrastination. As well as avoid constantly disturbing phone calls which leads to much distraction, Avoid any kind of cacophonic sounds; choose a quiet place for working. To beat procrastination one must learn to avoid the distractions & must focus on the Ongoing work to produce better outcome from work.

5. Reward Yourself : While Working on an important project or important subject set your goal or set a Milestone for achievement or desired output that you want to mark after completing your work with your total focus and full productive potential & when you reach to the desired output that is produced from completed work. Rewarding self can be anything like listening to your favourite music album, relaxing yourself for a while, watching your favourite movie, or if you\’ve worked in a group then throwing a celebrating party will be nice option; which will not only rewarding & pleasing for yourself but for your working team also.

6. Set A Daily Routine : Setting a daily routine for working or studying is extremely useful to beat

the Procrastination. When you start working on a daily basis or if you establish a perfect working routine then you’ll find yourself not dependent on external motivations for pushing yourself for working; eventually established routine is what will keep your working intense motivated and goal oriented.

7. Be Confident at work : Lack of self- confidence is a primary reason for procrastination, So when you are working at your workplace just be confident about what you are doing or what task you are accomplishing, after completing particular task or project you\’ll automatically find yourself much more confident and clear about what exactly a thing or a target that is you want to achieve. Remember being confident is a choice based habit because of lack of confidence will only obscure your knowledge, your skill, your efficiency of working that you possessing about your work which might result in poor working performance at workplace or in academic results (if you are a student).

Benefits of Procrastination

But On the other hand if you are working at your full efficiency at workplace, then procrastinating the work might be helpful as well as beneficial for you sometimes, because if you procrastinate your work you\’ll be able to do that work at much speed or at your efficient speed. Like procrastination might lead you to Anxiety, on the contrary it can also lead you to reduce your anxiety by procrastinating work because if you are procrastinating; you are free to focus on the other working ways which can complete your work in much lesser efforts. One of the important advantage of procrastinating the work is that you might be able to find some good ideas for your work that might be helpful for boosting your working performance. Procrastination can be beneficial for good decision making which allows working person to focus on what is important to do first.

Last Words On Procrastination

Human brain loves immediate outcomes which are concrete, that\’s why short- term goals are easier to achieve other than long-term goals. As well as, on the other hand short-term goals are important in order to achieve long- term goals. Patience, consistency are the master keys for overcoming procrastination as long as you are passionate about your goals & ambitions (In My Personal Opinion).

Self- esteem also plays important role, because of procrastination a feeling of low self- esteem grows. So if one wants to improve the working performance then I must have to suggest to follow 7 that 7 habits stated above. Beating procrastination and sticking to your working goal day-to- day will implement your decision making power drastically.

So now I’ve described some positive as well as negative impacts of procrastination and if you are a procrastinator then you must start following habits given above or do which you see fit for yourself. The Choice is Yours.

– © Rushikesh Panchwadkar

image source : Pixabay

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