The Recent Modifications in Techno Leauge.

Recently govt of India has issued new guidelines to the social media sites like facebook, whatsapp, twitter regarding the privacy of data of their users👥.

Late from the 90’s the internet has have become one of the most vital service for hundreds of thousands of indian human beings, after 2014 -15 there has been significant boost in users of internet, it was, we can say that the progressive years for the development of the internet services. Services like whatsapp messenger had delivered to the indian people in those years which later turn out to be one of the most beneficial messaging tool for the people of all age criteria. Parallely users of Other social networking like facebook and twitter had multiplied significantly.

Today Internet Plays Vital role in living of people around the world.

Let’s take a glance to the last week’s e- scenario, wherein indian central authorities has issued new guidelines to the social media organizations like facebook, twitter, whatsapp about the encryption of consumer information of respective social media company, and got criticized throughout the country.

both the government leaders and opposition leaders made their obligation of making statements concerning protecting and criticizing the central authorities. One of the senior leader of the ruling party stated that ‘ this is the matter of wether the encryption might continue or not”.

With respect to that senior supreme court advisor stated that there will not be any problem to the social sites such facebook, twitter, whatsapp until they follow the regulation of the land and will cast off the content material when asked by the law enforcement agencies. Companies’ stand on this is that the court order must be issued through the court only thereafter we’ll eliminate the content material and content removing system will only be applicable with respect to india and not for other countries wherein they operate, and as a forecast, the news began out flashing that facebook, twitter, whatsapp could be banned in India. But nonetheless each social platform to which most of the indian residents are used to are running efficiently.

The newly issued guidelines are yet to be adopted by the companies, but messenger like facebook owned whatsapp has to break the end-to-end encryption of a particular user when asked by the law enforcement agencies, as per the new guidelines. Which violates the fundamental rule of right to privacy.

The New Guidelines 1. Social media firms have to appoint compliance officer and contact person who will be in touch with law enforcement agencies. 2. Social media firms must not store and must take down content prohibited in the context of India’s sovereignty, integrity, defamation and incitement to offence. 3. If a content provided by the social media firm is assumed offensive by the court or the government then it has to be removed by the social media firm within 36 hours or 24 hours if it is sexually offensive.

Debates on the social media is not new to the internet users, but when it comes to the rights of the users encryption is a good option, as a social media user, let’s hope the discussions between the social media firms and the government will produce best possible outcomes through synergies.

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