The Red Right Hand

There are numbers of web series available on the various OTT platforms, by providing low cost plans to the individual users and by providing the varity of TV Shows & movies netflix has became one of the most earning OTT platform across the globe. ‘Peaky Blinders’ is one of the most popular web crime-drama series from the Netflix webseries content. The story of series evolves around England based gangster family named as ‘shelby’, and their leader named “Thomas Shelby”.

the story evolves around the England based gangster family named as “Shelby” & their determined leader “Thomas Shelby”( Cillian Murphy ) also known as Tommy shelby. it is said that this series is based on a true story, where the actual peaky blinders were existed in Birmingham city of England after the first world war 1 in 1919. Thomas an ambitious and determined peaky blinder’s leader who at start runs the illigal betting business later makes his business legitimate by making political moves, where he crosses and finds himself in the conflicts with some inspectors and the royal highness forces in Birmingham. along with the Thomas Shelby’s popular character amongst the binge watchers, other characters in the series also played their role impressively. How Thomas Shelby takes down his rivals by influencing them and by making alliances with other gang leaders, what makes the peaky blinder’s presence more influential, and what makes them fierce gangsters throughout the Birmingham is shown in the first three seasons, from the leader of peaky blinders to the powerful politician what strategies tommy applies ( as a businessman as well as as a gangster ) is shown in the 4th season, but how the rivals who are unhappy with constantly increasing power of Thomas Shelby starts complotting against him in which they starts succeeding & tommy’s intensions to end or influence rivals of peaky blinders starts falling, it is where the 5th season ends.

yes, Peaky Blinders were existed in reality but before the world war 1, and they lost their influence over their rivals at the start of 1900 -01, the story has been dramatized little bit as a cinematic freedom. peaky blinders fans are eagerly waiting for the 6th season, according to news shoots of the 6th season of peaky blinders has been completed recently & it will be ready for the binge watchers & for the fans of peaky blinders very soon.


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