Idea Trigger – Gratitude post

I’ve been blogging since 3 years now, i want to dedicate this blog post to a person ( Not giving a name intentionally ), i call it “Idea Trigger” , i admired and still admiring the writing style or the thought implying style while writing any blog post ( Comic Especially ), to be frank, whenever i found it difficult to write something ; i start reading blog of that particular person. More of i can say that My ‘Idea Trigger’ is not only supportive in just writing few blog posts, it also helps me to create some fantastically good ideas and execute them in real life.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

every blogger admires a writing style of a particular writer or author, by looking at whom an idea gets triggered in the bloggers mind and inspires him to generate a good content. so for me, an “Idea Trigger” Plays ( Most of the times ) Most important role while writing or while executing a good idea on my blog or in real life.

I am much thankful that I’ve my ‘Idea Trigger’, Do you have an ‘Idea Trigger’?


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