The Immortals of Meluha – Shiva Trilogy | Review Part 1

‘The Immortals of meluha’, is a fiction written by famous novelist Amish Tripathi, the fiction is based upon popular Indian god ‘Shiva the Mahadev’. The fiction is split into 3 unique parts so it is popularly known as “Shiva Trilogy”.  The character dimensions of various characters powerfully presented by Amish Tripathi have become very famous amongst fiction fans as well as among the devotees of Lord shiva. Ultimately, when the book was announced in February 2010, it has got a massive shoppy success. It had to be reprinted a number of set to keep up with the requisition. Tripathi even modified his publisher and throng a big plunge for the book in Delhi. Some indian reviewers critically appreciated this book, others well-known stated that Tripathi’s chirography tended to miss concentrate at some parts of the flat. With the pierce of the third episode, titled The Oath of the Vayuputras, in February 2013, the Shiva Trilogy has become the fastest selling book series in the tale of Indian promulgate.

The books is based on the existence of a Tibetan man of tribal hight Shiva, who comes to the land of Meluha. The Meluhans, (posterity of the Suryavanshi empire set by principles of Lord Rama) who are in a nation of peril due to their continues battles with their  neighbours – the Chandravanshis and Nagas,  as per the beliefs of meluhans Shiva is The Neelkanth – and their saviour as per an old myth. Shiva leads the Meluhans in their combat with Chandravanshis and Nagas. During his stay in Devagiri, Shiva understands the hostility of Meluhans with the Chandravanshis. Brahaspati is the Chief Inventor of the Meluhans. While Shiva’s stay on mount mandar where the mythical carouse Somras is manufactured using the waters of the Saraswati, shiva and Brahaspati turns into close friends, Shiva teach that the potion which made his throat devote blue was indeed undiluted Somras, which can be mortal when taken in its natural shapeliness. But he was safe, indicating him to be the Neelkanth. Somras has anti-senescent properties fabrication the Meluhans lived for many yonks, and the monarchical family returns to Devagiri. One morning an assault takes place from chandravanshis before the Meluhans wide conscious up to a wind that took place at Mandar, Chandravanshis dismantle ability of the mountain and makes it impossible to resist the scientists residing there. Brahaspati Gets Vanished in this assault, but Shiva acknowledges that the assault got here from nagas backed by chandravanshis. Apart from being a leader of suryavanshis in the war of suryavanshis and chandravanshis, shiva fells in love with the daughter of emperor daksha named as sati their love story has been flawlessly romanticized by Amish tripathi in the immortals of meluha, which takes twists and turns as the tale evolves.

After that shiva declears the war in opposition to the swadeepans. The war takes place and chief of chandravanshis gets arrested in the war. That’s wherein the new philosophy delivered by the author, which explains that by defeating the chandravanshis and arresting their leader, now it has opposition’s turn to give a birth to another Neelkanth as per their set of standards and conceptions, who will become saviour of chandravanshis by saving them from evil kind of suryavanshis. By being distressed because of this philosophy shiva gets distressed and starts to discover the solution, wherein he meets a priest or a holy individual in the Rama Temple of Ayodhya who guides and enlightens shiva about karma and Fate of a person through a philosophical discussion, he tells shiva that his choices and his destiny would guide him in his future. After as shiva comes out of the temple he finds that sati is being abducted by a Naga.


Immortals of meluha gives a good reading experience to the readers through revealing what would have had the circumstances and the atmosphere if the story would have had took place in the indian ancient history, for me it was a good experience of reading a fiction, it was a Amish Tripathi’s Fantastic writing which(As a reader ) forced me to read another 2 parts of this fiction series. As a reader i must suggest this book to the enthusiast readers who loves to read fiction and who loves lord shiva, I’ll post the review of another two part of this trilogy in next few posts.

© Rushikesh Panchwadkar


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