The Secret of Nagas – Shiva Trilogy | Review Part 2

Continuing from The Immortals of Meluha, Shiva, the fabled saver of the deposit of Meluha, drive to save his feme Sati from a Naga who escapes, adieu behind quoin with strange engravings. After consulting with Sati’s father Daksha and Dilipa, the monarch of Ayodhya, they appear to recognize that the coin belongs to King Chandraketu, the governor of the land of Branga in Eastern India. Shiva and Sati travel to Kashi, where a community of Brangas inhabits, in order to get more message on the Nagas. They are accompanied by Shiva’s universal Parvateshwar, associates Nandi and Veerbhadra, Ayurvati the doctor, and Bhagirath and Anandamayi, the sovereign and princess of Ayodhya. At Kashi, Parvateshwar is desperately injured in a riot at the Branga community. Their leader Divodas offers Parvateshwar a healing herb that works. Shiva learns from Ayurvati that the grass is only available at Panchavati, the capital of the Nagas. Divodas dissolve that they get the herbs from the Nagas because of a tantalize infesting Branga. Shiva makes a decision to labor to Branga and Divodas orders bizarre ships to be made for the peregrination.


The Secret of the Nagas is the assistance book of Amish Tripathi, second leger of Amishverse, and also the second one reserve of Shiva Trilogy. The tale takes place withinside the illusive land of Meluha and narrates how the inhabitants of that land are reserve from their wars by a nomad named Shiva. It starts from where its foregoer, The Immortals of Meluha, left off, with Shiva trying to save Sati from the invading Naga. Later Shiva captivate his troop of squaddies and travels substantially east to the soil of Branga, wherein he desires to discover a hint to extent the Naga people. Shiva additionally teach that Sati’s first child is still lively, as well as her twin love. His journey ultimately direction him to the Naga chief of Panchavati, where he finds a surprise awaiting him.

When Shiva penetrate the impenetrable city of Branga, this is how Tripathi describes the buildings and temples. “…their buildings were superbly built and maintained, while their temples were lofty and pompous.”


Amish Tripathi described a well-detailed globe that existed in ancient Indian history, he described good observations of the geographical locations that existed in mythology, and he adds an unusual charm to his tale with dashes of recent knowledge. and therefore the second part arguably seems the toughest to compose, considering the very fact that it’s at the center of the directed fringe of the plot, wherein the trajectory could very easily flatten. The author has got to maintain the momentum of the primary part going, while fixing place all of the pieces for the finale, discutient around a couple of clues to tantalize the reader sufficient to remain with the storyteller for the general trip. But Amish doesn’t disappoint. Mysterious hints dropped in Immortals get unfold, the gradation widens by numerous orders of magnitude, and therefore the character of Shiva’s request turns into more complex, whilst its constituent intention becomes far more ground.


The relation between Sati and the Nagas is revealed in an interesting habit, which leaves the readers awestruck. The love story of Anandamayi and Parvateshwar increases an unreal point of view to this nail-biting thriller. The story of Parasuram, a Brahmin warrior, and how he relieves Shiva to look for the Nagas is gripping to Saw the least.

Shiva travels to Panchavati under the guidance of Kali, who is the Naga queen and knows how to reach the capital through the treacherous Dandak Forest. On their journey, the entourage is attacked from the riverside by a cache of ships containing the weapons of mass destruction known as Daivi Astra that was once forbidden by Lord Rudra, the legendary supreme ruler of India. After fleeing from the attack and safely reaching Panchavati, Shiva and Sati suspect Daksha to be behind this. Kali takes Shiva to a nearby school in the capital, where he finds Brahaspati, perfectly alive and teaching a class. New characters like Ganesh, Kartik, and Kali are introduced into the plot. Old alliances are broken and new ones are forged. Friends turn enemies and enemies surprisingly become friends and guides in this suspense-dripping novel. Readers get to know what happens at the Maika and how Naga progeny, the children born with physical and mental deformities, are thrown away from the kingdom of Meluha


I have always believed that there were some extraordinary men and women who were termed as God in history by them being highly evolved in comparison to others and Amish explores this concept in a fantastic way. Several stories or myths are deconstructed in the book and are present to us in such a clear, logical fashion that it appeals to the reader. The author touches upon certain Hindu philosophies like karma, loyalty, and devotion, without sounding too preachy. The ancient map of India on the first page, helps the readers get an idea about the location of the different kingdoms mentioned in the story. The glossary at the end enables the readers to understand certain Sanskrit and Hindi terms used in the novel.

– Rushikesh Panchwadkar


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