Do You Have A Life Plan? 📝

During the course of our daily lives, we make plans. We make plans for dinner, for trips to the grocery store, and for cleaning our house. We also make long-term plans for our education, our finances, our businesses, and our vacations. However despite all the planning that we do very few of us actually make a life plan and this is a critical oversight as a life plan would encompass all those areas as well as our self development, personal relationships and happiness.

words about Positive Thinking 💭

Everything in the world of form is preceded by a thought. Thoughts are not in the world of form, form is not in the world of thought. But one actually precedes the other in all cases. If one wishes to affect form, one must work with cause, not effect. Thought is cause, form is effect. And when we work in the realm of thought, choosing a negative one or a positive one will influence the outcome. Simply put, we live in a world of cause and effect i.e. for every cause there is an effect and every effect has to have a cause. Everything that happens in this world (form) is an effect, the cause being thoughts. These thoughts affect the whole universe. And each thought once generated and sent out becomes independent of the brain and mind and will live upon its own energy depending upon its intensity.

The Essence of Freedom

The first option, on the other hand, could also be an enjoyable and honorable alternative that I find compelling, though uphill. It is applicable to any situation encountered within the course of one’s living venture, provided one isn't unfortunate to the purpose of being hopelessly unable to cope. The range of this applicability corresponds with the range of one’s adaptability.

कॉकटेल जिंदगी -1 | Cocktail zindagi – 1

कुणीतरी बरोबर म्हणलंय "लव्ह ईज इन दी एअर", हातातल्या वाईनच्या ग्लासकडे टक लावून बघता बघता कौशिक पुटपुटला. खरंय, पण त्यात काही ग्रॅव्हिटीच नसेल तर ते तुम्हाला जमिनीवर यायला भाग पाडतं,

मॅगी आणि गैरसमज

पहिले जमाना चांगला होता, मॅगी 2 मिनिटात व्हायची. आधी आम्ही फार फार मॅगी खायचो. आणि गैरसमजही 2 मिनिटात होऊन जायचे. आता जमाना बदललाय. आता मॅगी 2 मिनिटात होत नाही. त्यामुळे गैरसमजही लवकर शिजत नाहीत.

Scion of Ikshavku – Book Review

Scion Of Ikshavku

The author doesn’t change the story arc a lot from the unique Ramayana but makes a few refined adjustments in how the characters are introduced. While the characters’ actions and the method in which they’re introduced may range from what we’ve identified up to now, their choices and their ideologies definitely align with the plot. The characters have been beautifully developed.

हॅप्पी बर्थडे ‘धर्मा’

6 जुलै 1985 साली सिंधी कुटुंबात त्याचा जन्म झाला, ' सिंह' हे अडनांव शीख असलेल्या त्याच्या आजोबांकडून मिळालं. 2014 साली आलेल्या 'बॅंड बाजा बारात' पासून करियरची सुरवात करुन त्याने इंडस्ट्रीत आपलं पाऊल घट्ट रोवलं, त्याच्या पहिल्या चित्रपटाच्या भूमिकेपासून पुढे मिळालेल्या प्रत्येक भूमिकेत प्राण फुंकून त्याने त्याच्या भूमिकांना योग्य न्याय दिला. अभिनयाच्या लाभलेल्या नैसर्गिक देणगीमुळे थोड्याच … Continue reading हॅप्पी बर्थडे ‘धर्मा’

Oath Of Vayuputras – Shiva Trilogy 3 Critiques

Oath Of Vayuputras

The Oath Of Vayuputras Though that objective was served, many individuals now wonder if the story talked about within the e-book collection is the true story. More than as quickly as have I come throughout questions on the web the place individuals ask if which is the true story, the one said within the guide … Continue reading Oath Of Vayuputras – Shiva Trilogy 3 Critiques