Scion of Ikshavku – Book Review

The author doesn’t change the story arc a lot from the unique Ramayana but makes a few refined adjustments in how the characters are introduced. While the characters’ actions and the method in which they’re introduced may range from what we’ve identified up to now, their choices and their ideologies definitely align with the plot. The characters have been beautifully developed. Raavan’s conceitedness, Dashrath’s crushed ego, and Ram’s childhood agony are well described. Sita’s entry occurs late within the book, however is attention-grabbing. She even has a noble daughter who’s, er, a “rakhi-sister” of the four Ayodhan princes. We all know Sita is a robust character, but Amish Tripathi pushes the envelope by appointing her the prime minister of Mithila. Ram and The Ramayana both belong to the people.

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