The Essence of Freedom

Life sometimes becomes too hard, it tastes many people. By contrast, others are such Exponents of a virile existence, demanding great courage and giving great pride, that they are ready to leave the coziness of their home to climb Mount Everest and the elements for the sheer joy of conquering the top. Whatever the perspective, the nature of things sometimes remains unchanged. There are certain rules, necessities and limits, possibilities, and impossibilities. one can accept them and make the best of them by thinking emotionally – rationally, much to one’s pleasure and honor, or one can do the opposite and suffer the consequences. The choice between these two options is the very essence of freedom. The essence of freedom is a thinking pattern that allows you to choose between different thought flows of your mind.


The first option is, pleasurable and honorable alternative that you could discover compelling, though uphill. It is relevant to any situation encountered within the course of one’s living speculations, provided one isn’t always unfortunate to the motive of being hopelessly not able to cope the variety of this applicability, corresponds with the range of one’s adaptability. It is commonly considered, in spite of the tendency to maintain close old satisfying habits even once they need become impracticable or unsuitable, because of a change of scenario. One is frequently weaned from such habits onto new pleasurable habits. Again, the only choice that deserves one’s attention is composed in taking things as they are available and making the foremost of them, for one’s sake which of others. The opposite alternative you may find foolish and harmful, a deplorable waste of humanity.


On the entire, the ability to measure during a well-adjusted and high-minded manner and therefore the freedom to settle on this manner in choice to the alternate, illegitimate, manner are the foundations of the life one builds. The exercising of this strength does not necessarily imply a principled resignation in the direction of the established order. One could also be faced with a remediable evil that involves a conflict to treatment it, effectively and rightly. In that case, living in a well-adjusted and high-minded way involves accepting the necessity for this conflict and therefore the approach of waging it, and sparing no effort to obtain one’s end. Ills are a test of will, and a chance to point out dignity.

They also are a chance to appraise one’s resources. Over the years, you can even improve your situation and particularly your attitude ( in a good manner ), whose negativity may affect you unfavorably, which can be overcome by you after repetitive efforts towards building a good attitude. Nature has endowed everyone with an adaptable potential for happiness within the bounds of everybody’s changeable reality. According to my observations, this potential isn’t always surprisingly great, in comparison thereupon of most of the people.

During that point, there’s a possibility that the riddle of life had more or less baffle’s you. Yet, laboriously, with the assistance of the various books and appropriate thoughts, you can manage to overcome this scenario, which can be sufficient to seek out towards positive aiming towards your life. This riddle is sort of a mire: The slower you go through it, the deeper you get into it.


This sort of overcompensation is typical of individuals who experience difficulties during a certain area but refuse to give up. While some farewell during this area with a minimum of effort, they struggle hard to beat these difficulties, with the result that they are often far better than the others. Their redeeming feature is their willpower within the face of their shortcoming, which they use as a reason to redouble their efforts, not as an excuse. This is a recipe for a worthy successor. The discipline and surpass themselves, and thus proudly turn things around.

© Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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