Creativity Boosters For you

Here are 7 ways you can instantly access and boost your natural creativity and create something innovative that you may like.

1. Think Like A Child.

As an adult, we sometimes tend to think in a conditioned way aimed at showing how clever we are. Yet, as children, we were simply spontaneous and far more creative in our thinking. To re-capture that curiosity of your childhood, you must be allowing yourself to just wonder at things, to be completely present in the here and now, and to detach yourself from what you thought was real.

2. Make New Connections.

There is no degree required to be an innovative person; that simply requires making a connection between existing ideas. For instance, did you know that ice cream was invented in 2000 BC yet it took another 3900 years for someone to come up with the idea of a cone? It’s when you take two seemingly unrelated items and use the spark of creativity that’s where genius things happen. So we can say that establishing new connections with things around you can boost your personal creativity.

3. Be A Little Illogical.

It is a general human tendency that a Human needs solutions to his problems, and answers to questions. To become a highly creative person, you need to get adjusted to the things that don’t fit. “Who knows, you may find something more innovative or creative”, just by being a Lil bit illogical about things.

4. Laugh More.

Tom Peters says that the creativity of a workplace can be measured by a laughometer, i.e how much it laughs. Humor works as the greatest creative device, people who are gifted with a good sense of humor tend to be more and more creative than others. Humor jolts us out of our regular thinking patterns and puts those ideas together that actually shouldn’t go together. It has been found in a study that after listening to comedy podcasts, or after reading comedy books, students’ ability to solving problems rises by 60%. Laughing is a medicine and it works like one when it comes to reduce your anxiety and boost up creativity. As somebody said it correctly “Laugh More”.

5. Think Outside Your Limits.

Almost every innovation that we take for granted today is a result of people or creative thinkers thinking outside their limits. For Example, John Lynn was once attending a computer conference in the 1980s at a hotel when someone joked that the next thing they’d be thinking of would be computerized doors. When he went back to the same hotel 20 years later, all the doors used computer-programmed key cards. we can say that your only limit is you. You are the one who chooses or who has the choice to choose between Thinking in a Box or Thinking Outside the box.

6. Adopt and Adopt.

No Blue-sky Thinking is required to become an innovative or creative person. You can still become a creative personality by adapting what works elsewhere. An American airline that wanted quicker turnarounds on their flights adopted the techniques of Formula One pit crews. Opting for Another source of ideas is nature. So if you are deciding to become highly creative you must start adopting and adopting and adopting to different sources of ideas, different sources of innovativeness or creativeness. In short “what else” is a fantastic tool for you to become an innovative person.

7. Remember Your Dreams.

Dreaming is one of the effective tool that helps you to think and draw a mental map of your creative ideas or idea flows”. Also Dreaming and daydreaming can trigger a rich set of fantastic ideas in your mind if you manage to set your mind free from disturbing thought flows because that’s when we relax and let the subconscious mind work by itself. The Roffey Park Management Institute calls this “washing-up creativity” because most flashes of inspiration come when we are walking the dog, working out, or while doing activities like these, etc.

If you Apply these 7 creative thinking techniques and make them part of your daily thinking and start using these thinking patterns repetitively or on a daily basis, then you’ll find yourself that new solutions to your problems are opening up to you or getting discovered by yourself with your own ease and speed.

© Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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