Do You Have A Life Plan? 📝

We all make plans in our daily lives. plans for dinner, plans for trips to the grocery store, and for cleaning our house, plans for vacations etc. We also outline long-term plans related to our career purpose, about managing our finances, our businesses, and our vacations. However, apart from all the planning that we do very few of us actually make a life plan and this is considered as a life plan which would encompass all those areas as well as our self-development, personal relationships, and happiness.

Almost everybody contains the natural capacity for happiness and success in every area of their lives including their personal development, their relationships, and professional life, but happiness and success does not just happen. We must actively draw them out and set them in active plans and actions by which we will make them not only possible but feasible.

For that purpose you need a life plan, but actually creating or drawing a life plan is a time consuming process and it needs focused thoughts — which is something so many of us have little to spare. However,  do not envy the time you may spend on a life plan  due to the fact  in the end, that time is a  very good  investment that will help you  save time and stress as soon as  you have your life plan  absolutely developed and isn’t always  anything that allows you to  obtain happiness and success a  profitable investment of your time and energy?

Where You Are Now

Before you can commence crafting your life plan you must observe or re-observe your current life status. Reflect yourself at the actual realities of your life which may include your commitments towards your life, your finances, and your dreams. You can also draw an epitome of which thing about your life makes you satisfied and what makes you unhappy?

Start working on questions like, Where are you currently in terms of work, recreation, relationships, finances, and anything else you consider important.

Rate every of those areas with a letter grade with “A” which will of course being the highest score for the high-quality for your possible life. Then start calculating your standard life grade. if you have got an overall rating or grading of 4.0 then you should assume that your life is on perfect track, but anything less than that grading which will be considered as there are certain areas remaining under maintainance where you will need to work on and put some extra efforts to increase your grading or overall life score.

It is essential to you to identify the certain aspects of your life that you may consider as successful or they are at least on track to success as well as the areas that you would like to improve.

Let Your Dreams Come Out

The most important part of designing or drafting your life plan is allowing yourself to dream about what your ideal life would possibly include in all the key areas you identified above (career, relationships, etc.).

Don’t worry about realities or impossibilities whilst dreaming about your ideal life plan. Just leave your heart and thoughts in a free state to picture out the whole thing you desire your ideal life might be in terms of relationships and family; profession and career; finances or even retirement; and the way you would like to spend your time whilst living your life fully (travel, hobbies, etc.).

If there are considerations other than money, and if money is not a factor then ask your self questions like, what you’ve decided to do with your time and your life? What is a thing that gets you really excited? What is the thing have you always wanted or wished you could possible have in your life? What do you love to do (professionally or personally).

Step Back Into Reality

Jot down the skills, experiences and strengths you already possessed which might be helpful to you in living your ideal life.

Jot down a list of your accomplishments you are most proud of in your professional and personal life. Can any of these help you achieve your ideal life?

Evaluate or level up your working style and habits and ask yourself these questions. Do you work better alone, in a group, or as a manager? What time of day is your peak performance? How many hours a day or week are you capable of working at a high level of performance?

Now Make Your Plan

Once you’ve got got created a vision or a blueprint or a mental map of your dream lifestyle and evaluated your strengths and weaknesses then you definitely are better capable of creating an ideal life plan that will help you achieve your ideal life.

Now that you know where you want your life to go and you know how far along that path you have progressed then it is simply a matter of working toward your goal to achieve that life of happiness and success you desire.

® Rushikesh Panchwadkar

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