What is happiness?

Are you happy? Many folks aren’t sure that. Happiness may also not be defined so easily. Most of us are not living happily. That is the curse of the trendy age. Try and make yourself as happy as possible amongst all the stresses and tensions.

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What is happiness? When I say that I’m feeling happy, it’s going to mean that I just got something that I really like. That makes me happy. Have you ever seen the images of individuals who have won an huge lottery? They look so happy. Meet them after few years, after he or she has already spent all their money, and you may find a similar person very unhappy. A man and wife look happy while getting married. Meet them after few years within the court and you will know that happiness wasn’t their nature, but only a reaction to circumstances.

Is it possible ?, Can we remain happy at all times? It is difficult, but one can surely try. Decide to smile and feel happy at all times. Even if you learn that you simply have suffered an enormous loss, be happy. Sounds foolish? But this can be done. And no amount of unhappiness will ever get you the money back. But happiness under all conditions will offer you the strength to fight against all the chances and are available out as a winner.

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