Why Stressing yourself? When There’re Ways For Stress-Free Living.

1) Accept that Problem First

You have to make peace with that particular problem, while that problem exists, to discover a good solution to that particular problem. for example, you need to acknowledge yourself where you are, regardless – you can’t tackle any issue without first tolerating it, and yourself. We waste huge time in acknowledging what has happened and then we decline it rather than accepting it. which in turn gives you more and more problems rather than solutions to that problem. we can assume here that accepting a part of yourself that is creating a problem will be enough to make your problem vanished from your life, this process is just like rejecting or pushing away the problem.

2) You can’t gravitate to which you are not connected.

“Be An Appreciator”. One of the quickest approaches to draw in what you need to gravitate towards you is by appreciating that particular thing presented by your life. Appreciation plays an important role because it is the closest energetic vibrational match to that particular source, and accordingly the formation of what it is that you need. Therefore, the more you’ll learn to operate that frequency, the nearer to the source you are, and the quicker things will be manifest for you in the actual world. Expressing your appreciation through verbalizing is not as important as it is essential to offer it. Appreciation works like an antidote to the absolute most minimal types of energy and feelings we are capable of, for example, disgrace, disdain, and so on by offering thanks or appreciation and by learning to assume that you already have what you are seeking or looking for, you’ll start gravitating more and more of that towards you, whether you’ve any of it or not.

Live Stress free, Worry less.
Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” —Brian Tracy

3) Look For Pleasure along with your happiness

The experience of joy is an at this moment or in the present moment, in-the-occasion, tactile rich, and sights, sounds, and sentiments experience in your individual. Satisfaction or Happiness is your meta-experience which comes when you start thinking about a thing that gives you pleasure. Happiness is not measurable by the senses or it can’t be experienced by your senses in a direct manner, on the other hand, pleasure is a measurable thing. focus your life on living more and more “In The Now” moments, instead of collecting reasons or things to be happy about.

4) Making a connection with your source/s

Track down your personal approach to establish your connection with your consciousness ( your Instincts ), Examples of some are music, meditation, personal creativity, etc. Some people might be partially get disconnected from it, but you can’t fully be disconnected from your consciousness. Notice that the ideas are so associated even on a semantic level. Generally, Folks are attracted to the source because they want to recognize where they want themselves to be, they want to experience that energy, which comes after connecting your consciousness. people want to get connected with their sources to feel better about themselves.

5) Living in the present moment

You’ve total grip or command on your personal power while you’re living in the present moment. Living in the present moment is an art, a habit to be developed as well as a life skill to be adopted. The degree, to which you are interfacing, on some oblivious level, either into the past or into what’s to come, is simply the degree to which you deny of your current power. You won’t experience what it is that you want in this situation; therefore you’ll eventually move your emotional point of what you want, into the negative territory. living or being in the present moment is one of the finest ways generally adopted by many people, to establish a connection with what they want. “But how much do you need to be in the present moment? you’ve things that need to be done. Therefore, you need to live in the present moment in order to be pleasurable, to experience good positive feelings, to attract what is it you want, and to begin the process of attracting those this automatically towards you. Living with your thoughts in past or in the future is an entirely redundant thing in the process of living a stress-free life and attracting what is it you want.

6) Not every time you are sufficient

You can never be or need not be necessarily adequately sorry to change the problematic circumstances. In order to help yourself, you need to help others first. Others effectively see through meaningless efforts, praises, or favors; and, such signals just conceal you from your own enthusiastic impoverishment/hunger. They are not helpful, and they do not play much vital role in improvising your life or other’s life.


7) Be selfish enough to hold up with your expectations.

This part plays an important role because it is when you thrive then and then only you can offer something to anything to others. On the off chance that your own energy tank isn’t full, you should not be caring for the tanks of others. It is much more important to put limitations on your responsibilities to prevent emotions like lack of Self-Respect and self-esteem. Remain in the present moment and in attendance to your own needs first, then and then only you can give or offer best to others, automatically.

Bringing it all together

how do we overcome a variety of stress blocks to pull a greater peace? , Blocks of Shoulds, Musts, ought-tos, anger, fear, resentments can be overcome by using EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. when you resolve your biggest unconscious blocks, your intentions, your ambitions, your passions will feel that much more free-er to start moving towards yourself, this process happens automatically and effortlessly, which will be much more helpful to live your life stress-free.

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