Types of Blog

Bloggers are just passionate writers who tend to write occasionally or on an everyday basis. Personally speaking, blogging is a passion for enthusiast people like me, and it gets evolved after regular practice. Here are some various types of blogs if you are a writer then you’ll definitely found yourself or your writing style or blog-style fit in one of the types of blogging given below.

  1. Curation.
  2. Teaching.
  3. Lifestyle.
  4. Niche.
  5. Journey.
  6. Guest.

We’ll see each blog type mentioned in the list above in depth.

1. Curation

Generally blogs that drive high amount of traffic which have frequent short blog posts on that particular blog about variety of different topics are fall under that category of “Curation” blog type. You can found a variety of blogposts on this blog covering various topics such as self-improvement, philosophy, education, current affairs etc. You can usually monetize these type of blogs with google Adsense or affiliate program ads such as Amazon Affiliate Advertisements. Buzzfeed.com is one of the examples of a blog which falls under curation category of blogs.

2. Teaching

usually if you are a teacher who teaches through your blogposts with variety of blogposts like “How-to’s”, “Where to’s”, “What to’s”, or even if you teach through a small videos which falls under one of the category mentioned above, we can say that your blog comes under “Teaching” category. You might found a low amount of website visitors to blog like this, where the articles written by the blogger are in-depth and much more informative. Visitors are not always interested in reading the long articles or watching a tutorial videos, it’s because they might be interested in the product that you are selling through your blog. These types are blogs can generally be monetized with Marketing or Selling products online and / or the affiliate ads programme like Amazon Affiliate.

3. Lifestyle

Do you blog about the recent trends in Fashion, or the lifestyle that recently adopted by the society around you?, These kinds of blogs are come under the category of “Lifestyle” blogging. Mostly Biggest trailblazers in a particular fashion industry such as Clothing, perfume Making, Shoes producers are the primary users of these kind of blogs, who post an update on a regular basis or after a particular time intervals about their own brands or about brands produced by others which they are personally selling. These kind of blogs are blogs who generally drives high amount of traffic for their frequent short but effective articles which emphasizes mostly on their personal stories or their personal experiences about a product produced by them or about the product that they are selling. These kind of blogs are also can be monetized by Affiliate programms like Amazon affiliates ads, as well as Google Adsense Ads or with sponsored blog posts.


4. Niche

Do you Generally or always blog about a particular topic or a particular subject for ex. “Mental Health or psychology ” then your blog falls under the category of “Niche Blogging”. Niche blogging is nothing but simply blogging or posting an update or updates about a particular topic heater than blogging variety of subjects. With the support of monetization options like Affiliates, Different type of Ad Networks or sponsored blog posts, this type of blogging might provide a blogger Medium or sufficient amount of blog traffic, it’s because these types of blog contains a highly focused articles about that particular topic or particular subject.

5. Journey

If you are a Traveller as well as a blogger who loves to share stories or experiences about your journey, your blog category is “Travel Blogs”. These types of blog usually focuses on giving information about various travel destinations or they might be based on the experiences throughout the journey of that particular blogger, this type of blogs are usually are huge amount of traffic driving blogs which can be monetized through following best monetization practices like Affiliate programms or by providing or selling products and services on your blog.

6. Guest

if you are a newbie blogger or even if you are an established blogger, you can always enjoy an advantage of guest blogging. Blogs which allows other users to publish a blog posts on their blog as a guest is called as blog posting. The primary advantage of guest blogging is Diversion of Traffic. These kinds of blogs might divert a huge amount of traffic to their own blog by allowing a popular blogger to publish a blog post on their blog. In simple words guest blogging is nothing but ” one writer is writing for another writer “. Guest blogging can also be monetized with Ads and affiliate programms.

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