Career Paths After Pursuing A Finance Degree.

Finance is in meaning a vast term that includes various financial activities that are related to Banking, Trading, Book Keeping, and Accounts, Various financial markets, as well as Auditing and maintaining records of these financial sectors.

Financial work is not only related to maintaining all the records, but to raising funds for the respective organization you are working for and managing those funds in such a way that it will give a boost to the business of a particular organization. finance also includes a detailed study of money, bank credits, debt capital, equity capital, loans, investments, etc. In short finance deals with the assets and liabilities as well as profit and loss of any organization.

Along with the revolution in technology the methods of handling finances are also evolved, that is why the finance sector has become popular and a top priority sector to do a career among the youths.

Career Paths After Pursuing Finance Degree.
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After pursuing a financial degree there is a number of ways or career opportunities or various designations available for working individuals who are wishing to work as a finance employee or who wish to start a financial service business. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Accountant

Accountants play a vital role no matter if the organization is small or big. Accountants and auditors are the individuals who confirm that the finances of an organization are accurate. preparing financial statements is one of the major tasks an accountant has to perform while working.

An accountant in any organization is an unavoidable designation and there is a number of accountants are needed by various organizations in almost every sector. An Accountant or Auditor might get a monthly salary in the range of 15k – 60k per month.

2. Financial Manager:

A Financial Manager also known as a CFO ( Chief Financial Officer ), is a person who provides guidance to his clients or colleagues and supports them. A Finance manager works in both private as well as the public sectors also. CFO is necessary for large as well as small organizations because the role of a finance manager is concerned with the financial strategic analysis, preparation, and managing of the accounts of the company, etc.

preparation of budgets, and arranging new sources of fundraising for the company are the responsibilities of the CFO or Financial Manager. In a developing country like India, the salary range of a professional CFO may vary between 65k – 1 Lakhs per month.

3. Credit Analyst :

After completing a finance degree an individual has another option to work as a finance employee i. e. credit analyst. many financial institutions hire credit analysts. at entry level organizations hire individuals as junior credit analysts and after taking work experience for several years the role evolves from junior credit analyst to senior credit analyst.

Credit analysis, reviewing loan documentation, and checking credit reports are some responsibilities of a credit analyst. checking errors in the financial reports is also one of the major responsibilities of a credit analyst.

At Entry-level a junior credit analyst might get a salary of 40k which might increase to 1lakh per month.

4. Financial Analyst :

Financial Analysts are individuals who help investors to invest by checking and analyzing financial data. In short, Financial analysts help their investors to make a profitable decisions while investing in various investments. Any individual with a financial analyst specialization can work in an organization as a financial analyst.

otherwise, he can start providing investment advisory services through his business to individuals, non-profit organizations, government, or any other businesses. studying market trends, investment trends, and forecasting business decisions are some responsibilities of a financial analyst.

In general, a professional financial analyst might earn 30k – 80k per month.

5. Chartered Accountant:

The most popular way of working as a financial employee or financial service provider is being a chartered accountant. Many individuals who completed their financial degree opt for chartered accountancy course. As a chartered accountant, you might get a chance to work with multi-national organizations, governments, or private companies.

preparing audits, giving financial advice, and managing budgets and financial systems are some key responsibilities of a chartered accountant.

a professional chartered accountant might get a salary range of 55k – 1.50k while working for a multinational company or private company. A Chartered Accountant would also start his private CA firm after pursuing a chartered accountancy degree.

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