Thinking of Starting a Freelance Writing as a Career ?, Here are a Few Tips !

Are you a passionate writer?, Do you love to write?, Do you love to watch your words go live on the page? Do you want to generate income from your writing?, Then my friend you must consider that freelance writing is the option for you, where you can make a good living from home. Freelance writing, in today’s era, is the option adopted by N number of writers.

As a freelance writer, you can write a variety of content, from newspaper columns to different web content, beyond to that you can even write Ebooks and can start earning through it.

Before Getting Started

The pre-requisite of becoming a good freelance writer is that firstly you must build up your portfolio and make a list of good articles before starting your career as a freelance writer. There is a variety of options for how you can build a portfolio of your writing work, such as, you can start blogging by setting up your website, you can write a short column for a local newspaper, and you can do free writing for your friends. you can work on some articles which may work as a sample of work for you while you establish yourself as a freelance writer, along with that you can build a reference list or a potential list who can be your future client contacts.

While finding freelance work.

The next required step for a freelance writing career will be finding clients. You can visit and register yourself as a freelance writer on some of the popular freelancing sites like Fiver, Upwork, and and can start your freelance writing journey. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the best way to showcase your writing skills is by setting up your website. setting up your website is a good option because it tells about your blog niche, and you can also provide your contact info on your website so that your potential clients can contact you.

Another great way to find freelance work for yourself is Networking. You can generate your freelance working leads by telling about your work to your friends, relatives, former colleagues, and clients. so referral is also a good option to start a freelance writing career. If you know someone who is doing freelance work, go meet them, and ask them for some advice about freelance work so that you can get a bit more knowledge about your area of freelancing work. Maybe they can refer you to some clients, for whom they don’t have time to work. They may refer clients to you that they don’t have time for.

Writing for magazines is another option for freelance writers. Once you end up with a long list of potential clients, keep their information by preparing a spreadsheet along with their names, addresses, and contact numbers.

Getting Paid for Your work.

It is one of the primary questions that trigger into the mind of every freelance writer at the time of starting as a newbie freelance worker. “How much will I get paid for my work?”, the answer is simple the amount a freelance writer will get paid depends upon the size of the project he/ she is working on. generally, short articles on regular topics or general topics don’t require much research work for that a freelance writer may get as little as 10$. I think that is a good figure to get started. Apart from that, if you are working on a project like writing an Ebook or writing a novel for a client, or writing a novel translation for a client, then the figure of your freelance working revenue may increase to several hundred dollars.

If you are an enthusiast of writing about a variety of topics, I suggest you, without hesitantly jump into the freelance working industry. Freelance working gives you autonomy while working and the pleasure of working from your home. If you want to become a good freelance writer, always practice writing on a variety of topics. writing practice is the key to becoming a successful freelance writer, whether you get paid for your writing or not.

Happy Writing!

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