मॅगी आणि गैरसमज

पहिले जमाना चांगला होता, मॅगी 2 मिनिटात व्हायची. आधी आम्ही फार फार मॅगी खायचो. आणि गैरसमजही 2 मिनिटात होऊन जायचे. आता जमाना बदललाय. आता मॅगी 2 मिनिटात होत नाही. त्यामुळे गैरसमजही लवकर शिजत नाहीत.

Long distance relationships

Whether you’re quickening under an equivalent roof or oceans apart, all associate got to teach healthy ways to prate concerning and inform struggle. That’s an enormous win when it feels alike the space is contest you in two dissimilar directions.”Whether it’s using Lasting, lection an equivalent ledger, streaming an equivalent show while talking on the … Continue reading Long distance relationships

How To Move Past Your Insecurities ?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Even worms and bugs lookout of their very own survival. once I say religious, i'm talking about you beginning to expertise that which isn't physical. Once this religious dimension is alive, once you begin experiencing yourself past the restrictions of the bodily and therefore the mental, only then there's not … Continue reading How To Move Past Your Insecurities ?

Monsoons of Indian Metropolitan

The metropolitan cities of the nation are also enjoying or experiencing different shades of Monsoon this season. While it rains and rains in Mumbai, Chennai metropolis normally remains dry and warm. Even if it does, it's mainly when Monsoon is weaker over the other parts of the country. In the month of July, Chennai accounts … Continue reading Monsoons of Indian Metropolitan