Things that Varieties Of Wisdom say.

We face some real-life situations, some fact-based realities, at every moment of our lives. what is the meaning of facts And what are the good things you can do with that facts?. Wisdom is a tool of your mind that answers your first question while glancing at the situation from a variety of helpful perspectives. wisdom answers your second question by putting wise values into your decision-making process. Building basic blocks of values In wise people, in order to create an array of “Wise Attitudes”, is the job of wisdom or personal wisdom. Because of the mixture of characteristics varies from person to person, we experience that each and every wise person has a distinct essence or flavor of personality.

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The Good Enough Principle

There’s a principle theory in cognitive behavioral therapy named as “The Good Enough Principle” which explains something like ~ “Life is all about Making Peace with who you are & who you are not.” – Rushessensedude Other Blog Posts

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Knowledge Is Not Power

Knowledge isn’t power, any more than a car without a driver, or money in the hands of a fool is power.

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